golf ball fitting for a 90-100 mph swing speed, what ball should i use?

golf ball fitting for a 90-100 mph swing speed, what ball should i use?

my swing speed is about the same, maybe a little faster. I play the titelist PRO V X or the PRO V 1X
. try out different golf balls to see which one you like

hope this helps

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  1. 24 says:

    Golf balls don’t go to swing speed as driver loft goes to swing speed. Any ball could be good for you, try them out and which every you’re most happy with, use it. There are other factors when choosing a golf ball, like slicing and hooking, and whether you need more distance for drives or more height for iron shots. You don’t want to pick a ball that is fantastic off the tee but horrible for iron shots and putting. Pick the best overall golf ball for your needs.

  2. Johnny Wadd says:

    depends on how you play and what you like. if your swing speed is 98 and you are a 4 handicapper i would say a pro line ball like the pro v1 would work for you. if you shoot 140 and go through 15 balls a round i would say go with the cheapest balls you can find at wal mart.

  3. Jerry says:

    Pick the one that is best for you. Golf balls are different for everyone. Just swing speed alone does not matter when picking a golf ball, like one person said above who is incorrect. We would need to know information about your handicap and skill level to make any recommendations for you. Try out every golf ball and see which one you like the best.

  4. green_lantern66 says:

    That’s pretty irrelevant, since 99% of all balls (the Nike One Platinum being the lone exception) that are designed to perform very well in the 90-100 mph range. Go with a ball that you can control around the green; the rest falls into place. Buy sleeves of brands and models that you want to try, and go to a green. Chip and pitch with all of them, and eliminate ones that don’t behave how you like. Take the remaining balls and go to the 100 yard marker. Hit approach shots, and eliminate those you don’t like. Take any remaining balls and go to the tee; hit some drives, again eliminating those you don’t like. If you have two or more remaining, go back to the green. Hit putts; eliminating those that don’t sound or feel good. If there’s a tie, go with the cheaper ball.

  5. Gravity 4 Me says:

    The type of golf ball you use should not be selected based on swing speed at impact, solely. Ball performance really depends upon actual ball speed which is the speed of the club at impact added to the speed of the club at impact separation. Let’s say your driver swing speed is 95mph at impact and due to impact resistance drops to say 55mph at separation your initial ball speed is 150mph. Conversely, lets look at Tiger with driver at say 132mph at impact and 128mph at separation giving him an initial ball speed of 260mph a huge difference and obviously a totally different ball performance. That is why for amateurs the difference in ball performance is negligible and it is better to go with a softer ball (lower compression) for better feel and more spin on the shorter scoring shots because that is the part of the game where ball performance really does have an affect.

  6. Jason G says:

    A couple of years ago there was an article in Golf Magazine about which ball was best for every kind of player. The following questions were asked and points -1 or +1 were given depending on if it applied to you:

    1. Do you hit lots of hooks and/or slices? If yes give yourself +1, if no give yourself -1.
    2. Do you often need to get up and down? If yes give yourself +1, if no give yourself -1.
    3. Do you prefer iron shots that hit and roll? If yes give yourself +1, if no give yourself -1.
    4. Are you able to “work” the ball? If yes give yourself +1, if no give yourself -1.

    Add up the total of your scores. If your total score is between +2 and +4 you should use a high spin ball such as Nike One Tour/Tour D, Titleist Pro V1/V1x, Srixon Z-URC; basically the tour level balls. If your total score is between +1 and -1, you should consider a medium spin ball like the Top Flite D2 Feel, Bridgestone e6+, Nike PD Soft, etc. If your total score is -2 to -4, you should consider a low spin ball like any of the Pinnacle balls, Top Flite Freak, Titleist NXT Extreme, etc. That way, if you’re like me, and not sure how fast your swing speed is, this will help you decide.

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