Are Slazenger Golf Clubs good?

slazenger golf balls

Are Slazenger Golf Clubs good?
Dicks sporting goods has a buy 1 get 2 free on slazenger golf “raw distance” sets…a driver is 199.99 so if you buy that, the fairway woods (159.99) are free. Are they any good? I know Slazenger makes good golf balls but I am not sure about clubs…

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  1. tesorotx says:

    Never seen Slazenger golf clubs, but the make superior golf balls, so I would have to give them a shot. Their probably new to the market, the price is good.

  2. Three Putt says:

    I didn’t know Slazenger still made clubs! I though Slazanger clubs are now under the Dunlop name.

    Anyway, the old Slazengers were good for better players. They had the Seve blade back in the 1980s that the newly-retired Seve Ballesteros used.

    I’ll take a look at the new Slazengers. Thanks!

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